Lily Allen blames vacation to Thailand for 'tramp stamp' tattoo

Lily Allen has revealed that a drunken vacation to Thailand is the reason she has a "tramp stamp" tattoo.

The 38-year-old singer took a trip to the Southeast Asian country many years ago and the mix of cheap alcohol and sun-drenched beaches resulted in her making the regrettable decision to get an inking of a lily flower on her lower back as a tribute to her own name.

Lily admits her penchant for drinking cocktail buckets contributed to her going under the needle.

Reminiscing about her Thailand trip on her 'Miss Me?' podcast - on which she talks about life with her childhood friend Miquita Oliver - she said: "We can't even really go where mine ended. I have got a tramp stamp though, on my lower back."

Discussing her solo cocktail buckets, she added: "Do you remember the buckets? I don't remember sharing my buckets with anyone. I think it was a lone bucket."

The 'Smile' hitmaker also spilled that her hair got singed one evening when she had a mishap with her fire juggler.

She said: "I also remember doing the fire thing one night, being really drunk. The jugglers would have balls of fire on the end of a chain. I whacked myself on the back with it as it came up, and it burnt my hair."

Lily - who is married to 'Stranger Things' actor David Harbour - has several tattoos, including a goofy buck-toothed smiley face on the outside of her left ankle, an inking of a world map of the world on her left forearm and nine symbols around her wrist that look like a charm bracelet.