Lily Gladstone dreams of hosting Saturday Night Live

Lily Gladstone wants to host SNL credit:Bang Showbiz
Lily Gladstone wants to host SNL credit:Bang Showbiz

Lily Gladstone's "dream" is to host 'Saturday Night Live'.

The 'Killers of the Flower Moon' actress has had a very successful awards season and though her family hope she caps it off with the Best Oscar statuette at next weekend's Oscars, the 37-year-old star's top ambition is to be a guest presenter on the long-running comedy sketch show.

She told People magazine: "That's been probably a dream that I've held on my own.

"It's like my parents — and I think it's just what people say when you have an aspiration to act, and they want to encourage you as a kid — it's like, 'Oh, you'll get an Oscar one day.' So it almost just becomes a platitude.

"But the thing that I've always wanted to do if I've had this moment is to host SNL."

Lily - who is of Siksikaitsitapi and Niimiipuu heritage and is the first Native American actress to be nominated for an Oscar - is excited to attend the Academy Awards next weekend.

Asked what she's most looking forward to, she said: "I think just being there and absorbing the magnitude of how much of an impact this film has made.

"I'm so excited that I get to share this.

"I'm going to have family [there]. Family with me, family cheering from home."

Lily recently teased she will be wearing a "museum-worthy" outfit to the Oscars that would honour her indigenous heritage.

She told People magazine: "Definitely museum-worthy, I would say.

"It's going to be just ongoing proof that Indigenous design belongs on red carpets with luxury fashion in a very centrepiece kind of way. I'm excited."

In January, meanwhile, Lily claimed her nomination showed "perspectives are broadening" within the movie business.

She told the BBC: "Times absolutely are changing; people's perspectives are broadening. The Academy has gotten much more diverse in the last 10, 20 years.

"I think it's also because Native and Indigenous filmmakers have been continually blowing audiences away with what we've been making … people are ready."