Lilyhammer: Netflix users urge others to watch ‘underrated gem’ before ‘it’s too late’

Lilyhammer fans are lamenting its rumoured removal from Netflix as they urge others to watch the series before it is too late.

Netflix subscribers have been shocked to discover that the Steven Van Zandt series, which was promoted as the service’s first-ever original show, is reportedly among those to be taken down next month.

Lilyhammer starred The Sopranos actor Van Zandt as Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, a former New York-based gangster trying to start a new life in the isolated town of Lillehammer in Norway.

Van Zandt, who is also a musician and member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, said that while he has not had the news confirmed, “it looks like Lilyhammer is about to be disappearing from Netflix”.

Fans of the show have urged other Netflix subscribers to watch the series before it will reportedly be pulled from the platform on 20 November.

At the time of writing, Netflix is yet to confirm whether or not the series will be removed. The streaming giant has not listed a removal date for Lilyhammer. The Independent has contacted Netflix for comment.

“Might be the last chance to watch (or rewatch) Lilyhammer. Such a good show! ‘Fargo meets Sopranos’ is an apt description,” said one person.

Another added: “Loved this show, sorry there wasn’t more. Check it out while you can.”

“If you haven’t yet, watch Lilyhammer very, very soon. A f***ing brilliant show!” said a third person.

Someone else wrote: “Lilyhammer is leaving Netflix on November 20th. Watch it while you still can. Underrated gem.”