Linda Nolan feared she wouldn't see Christmas before 'amazing' news amid cancer fight

The singer has been told her tumours have shrunk

Linda Nolan is battling cancer. (WireImage)
Linda Nolan is battling cancer. (WireImage)

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Linda Nolan has said she felt like kissing her doctor after he told her that her cancer was shrinking. The Nolans star was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017 after first having the disease in 2005, and earlier this year told Good Morning Britain viewers that it had spread to her brain.

However, she returned to the ITV show on Thursday and shared that she had received good news at her latest appointment, with her consultant telling her the tumours had not spread and that there had even been some shrinkage.

What, how, and why?

The star, 64, told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard that she hadn’t thought she would see Christmas this year. She said when she and her brother went to collect her latest test results she was “so nervous” but that as soon as she saw her doctor she knew it was good news.

“The look on my consultant’s face, you know?” she explained. “He said the scans were good, MRI and CT scan, and the shrinkage with the tumours so… and I wanted to put my arms around him and kiss him but I thought they might throw me out!”

Linda Nolan has had some good news amid her cancer fight. (ITV screengrab)
Linda Nolan has had some good news amid her cancer fight. (ITV screengrab)

Nolan said it was “amazing”, adding: “When I spoke to you before I didn’t think I’d make Christmas, I was hoping to make the birth of my nephew… He was born at the end of July.

“And then I was thinking, ‘Oh, will I make… How many more milestones will I make?’”

Nolan said at the moment she was feeling “good”. “I’ve got a little bit of pain but that’s just like, you know, I was walking about yesterday,” she said.

“We went to a beautiful garden centre and I was having a walk around because he said to keep moving, don’t sit down all the time or nothing will work, so I was doing that and then I just looked and thought, how lucky I am to be able, after nine months and getting the worst possible news... Now it’s all excitement for Christmas."

The star said it was 'amazing' news. (ITV screengrab)
The star said it was 'amazing' news. (ITV screengrab)

Linda Nolan focuses on making memories

The star also revealed how she tries to stay positive. “I wake up each day and think, ‘Another day to make memories'," she said. “I don’t wake up thinking, ‘It’s another day closer’ and that helps me. Sometimes I have to drag myself out of bed because lying there, it just makes it worse, tip down into a depression.”

Bernie Nolan performs with her band and sisters The Nolans on what was to be her last tour in 2009.  Featuring: Colleen Nolan,Bernie Nolan,Linda Nolan,Maureen Nolan Where: Sheffield, United Kingdom When: 01 Nov 2009
Linda Nolan found fame along with her singing sisters. (PA Images/Alamy)

The star - who found fame in her sibling singing group The Nolans - lost 52-year-old sister Bernie to cancer in 2013. Her sister Anne, 72, has fought the disease twice. And earlier this year her younger sister Coleen shared that she had been diagnosed with carcinoma on her shoulder and pre-melanoma on her face.

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