Linda Robson's son Louis Dunford's Arsenal song leaves Loose Women star in tears

Linda Robson
Linda Robson -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Loose Women's Linda Robson has left fans gobsmacked after they realised she is the mother of a very famous son. The Birds of a Feather actress and popular panellist on Loose Women experienced an emotional moment that caused quite the buzz on social media.

A clip circulated on X (formerly known as Twitter) capturing her in tears. Football enthusiasts spotted Linda at the Emirates Stadium, North London, during a Premier League clash between Arsenal and Bournemouth, with the title race heating up.The television star was visibly overwhelmed with emotion as the Arsenal anthem, 'The Angel (North London Forever)', resounded through the stadium, with supporters passionately singing along.

A fellow fan shed light on the reason behind her tears, disclosing it was the inaugural occasion Linda had heard the track, written and performed by her son Louis Dunford, at a game.

The uploader of the poignant video commented: "Louis Dunford's mother, Linda Robson, reacting to hearing her son's song 'North London Forever' for the first time at the Emirates.", reports the Mirror.

The touching scene quickly sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers, many of whom were astonished to learn about Louis's musical prowess and his identity as Linda's son, the Express reports.

Arsenal fans were left utterly gobsmacked after discovering the family connection between singer Louis Dunford and Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson. One fan posted on social media: "Mind blown," upon realising Linda is Louis' mother, while another added: "Had no idea Linda is Louis' mum."

The revelation continued to stun supporters, with one exclaiming: "Linda Robson is Louis Dunford's mum, WAIT WHAT? " and another echoing the disbelief: "LINDA ROBSON IS HIS MUM! ?".

The surprise was widespread, as another fan commented: "I'm glad I'm not the only one that was shooketh when I discovered Linda Robson was louis dunford's mother yesterday...."

Yet, not everyone was taken aback by the news, with some already in the know. A Twitter user humorously noted: "The number of people shocked Linda Robson is Louis's mum," accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Amidst the reactions, someone else tweeted: "Am I the only one who knew Linda Robson was his mum ? " Louis, who has been an Arsenal supporter all his life and hails from north London, penned The Angel (North London Forever) in homage to Islington, his family, and friends.

The song gained traction among Arsenal fans two months post-release, leading to calls for it to be adopted as the club's pre-match anthema suggestion that manager Mikel Arteta backed enthusiastically. Last November, Linda announced her separation from Louis' father, Mark Dunford.

The actress and her husband Mark, who owns a window cleaning business, share two children. Linda also has a 40 year old daughter named Lauren from her previous relationship with Tony Tyler.