Mother of God! 'Line of Duty's' Adrian Dunbar to record first studio album


Line of Duty’s gaffer is about to become famous for something other than grilling corrupt officers and shouting catchphrases as he’s set to record his very first studio album.

Actor Adrian Dunbar, who plays police corruption boss Ted Hastings in the hit BBC show, has been approached by record label bosses to tune up his singing talents and get into the studio.

He told The Sun: “I’m hoping to do something in the recording studio some time this year and I’ve had a couple of approaches about doing things.

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“I was in bands many years ago, singing backing vocals and all the rest of it.

“I just never get a chance to do any of that because I started acting and you focus on other things.”

Eagle-eyed music fans may have spotted Dunbar at a famous London jazz club between his stints at AC-12.

Dunbar explained: “I’ve always kept it going and I’ve always done gigs with friends of mine in Ronnie Scott’s over the years.

“It’s kind of country jazz really. I like stuff that straddles the easy listening, country jazz sort of stuff.”

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The TV star is no stranger to life on the road with a band, saying he’d performed gigs around Ireland and Northern Ireland in the past, and added that he’d love to get his old band back together.

He said: “But that tour will be on the back burner a bit until we get an album together. The idea would be to get an album together and then do the gigs off the back of that. I could be in the studio this year, if everything works out I could be.”

It sounds as though Dunbar will have a busy few months ahead of him, as Line of Duty series 6 is set to begin filming early next year.