Linesville man to go to trial on attempted homicide for road rage incident

Apr. 4—LINESVILLE — A Linesville man will stand trial on attempted homicide and related charges in Crawford County Court for allegedly shooting another man sparked by a February road rage incident in the borough.

Jason R. Waring was bound over to county court on all charges filed by Linesville Police Department following a one-hour preliminary hearing Wednesday before Magisterial District Judge Adam Stallard.

Waring, 51, of South Mercer Street, is charged by police with three felony counts — attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Waring is accused of shooting Chance Scobbo once in the chest with a .22-caliber pistol outside of Scobbo's apartment building in the 200 block of South Pymatuning Street the night of Feb. 24.

Scobbo, who survived the incident, was one of two people who testified at Waring's preliminary hearing. Waring didn't take the stand at the hearing.

Scobbo testified he was driving west into the borough on Route 6 from work on the evening of Feb. 24. He said he saw two vehicles pull out in succession from Linesville First Baptist Church's parking lot and head west toward Linesville in front of his vehicle.

The first vehicle was up to highway speed and driving away into town, but the second vehicle wasn't up to highway speed as Scobbo's auto approached from behind, Scobbo said.

The second vehicle then braked to slow down, Scobbo said, adding that he then passed that vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle followed Scobbo back to his apartment and then drove away.

Scobbo got back in his vehicle, followed the second vehicle and took a picture of its license plate.

Scobbo returned to his apartment, but the other vehicle had followed him home again, he testified.

He was outside his apartment as the vehicle drove by with its front passenger side window down.

"I said, 'What's up (expletive)," Scobbo testified. "I barely finished my sentenced before I got hit."

Scobbo said he had seen a puff of smoke and heard a popping sound the moment before he was shot.

Scobbo also testified he thought he initially had been hit by a pellet from a pellet gun. The projectile didn't penetrate his clothing, and he didn't seek medical treatment.

However, he testified the projectile did cause a bruise on the left side of his chest.

Scobbo identified Waring as the driver of the vehicle that had followed him twice and as the man who had shot him.

Sgt. Joshua Meeder of Linesville Police Department was the only other person to testify.

Meeder had been given the license plate number of the vehicle involved, which was Waring's, and located it parked outside a home on Wallace Avenue that evening.

Meeder testified he saw a pistol inside the vehicle on its front passenger seat.

Meeder also testified Waring came out of the home and said "It's in the car," referring to the pistol. Waring spoke before he was asked if he knew why police had arrived, the sergeant added.

Meeder testified Waring admitted to shooting an an individual and that a .22-caliber pistol had been used. A .22-caliber pistol as well as a suppressor and a bullet magazine were recovered from Waring's vehicle. Meeder also testified a .22-caliber bullet later was recovered from the vicinity of where Scobbo had been standing during the shooting incident.

Waring remains free on $75,000 bond. He's scheduled to stand trial in Crawford County Court during the September criminal trial term.

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