Lionel Richie jokes daughter Sofia is having a 'nervous breakdown' preparing for first baby

Lionel Richie has joked that his daughter Sofia Richie is having a "nervous breakdown" as she prepares for the arrival of her first baby.

The music icon has revealed his daughter and her husband Elliot Grainge are having a "complete nervous breakdown" as they prepare to welcome their first baby together.

"I keep saying, 'Calm down. When the baby comes, then your nervous breakdown will start, you know,'" Lionel, 74, told Extra in a recent interview.

The All Night Long hitmaker then reflected on how his life has changed since he and some of music's biggest stars recorded 1985's We Are the World, which has since been documented in a Netflix documentary.

"I mean, my life is so full right now. I mean, 39 years ago was We Are the World: The Greatest Night in Pop, and now here it is on Netflix and is doing amazing, number one around the world," he said. "And then we've got my Sofie - my baby's now having a baby. What the heck is going on?"

Sofia, 25, revealed in a Vogue interview in January that she and her music executive husband, 30, were expecting a baby girl.

Shortly after the model announced her pregnancy, Lionel - who is also dad to Nicole and Miles Richie - admitted he was "freaked" out by the prospect of his youngest daughter having a baby.

"I'm watching my baby having a baby," he told Extra in January. "Yikes! I mean, that just kind of freaked me out a little bit. But at the same time, Elliot and Sofia are such a force."