Lisa Snowdon on domestic violence and 'pain and hurt' she's been through

TV and radio presenter, podcast host and model Lisa Snowdon sits down with Kate in this special episode, brought to you in partnership with L’OR coffee for the L’OR Secret Podcast Experience. In front of a live audience, Lisa and Kate discuss tackling those difficult conversations.

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Video transcript

- You seemed to be able to put yourself out there when you can sense that others need you to share. And in this instance, it was about domestic violence. It was a difficult subject matter.

- That was something that I'd never spoken about ever before. And it was something that I'd sort of buried, and I didn't have the tools in order to actually process what I'd been through.

- Right. So I just want to just-- I just want to talk about it. And I don't care-- I didn't care what people thought. I just wanted to be honest about what was happening to me.

- Yeah.

- Ooh, it gives me a lump in my throat. I mean, it is hard for me still to talk about it. I parked it after that for a long time. And then I did something, I think, in lockdown-- lockdown did a lot for us.

There was a lot of negative, but there was also quite a lot of positive for me like the menopause conversation. I felt brave to start talking about that much more openly then. And I definitely did something on the domestic violence and the pain and the hurt that I'd been through.