Lisa Snowdon shares family tragedy and says '2024 has not been kind to us'

Lisa Snowdon said 2024 had "not been kind" to her family as she shared a heartbreaking tragedy. The Capital FM host revealed she'd been ill for the first two months of the year and then lost her "beloved uncle".

The 52-year-old said another family member was "going through some other health conditions" and her father had also had surgery. She concluded it had been "a weird year" and so had jetted off to Mallorca with fiancé George Smart for a "reflective trip" which was what they "both needed".

Filling fans in over on her Instagram page, Lisa posted a photo of her wearing a black bikini while enjoying the Spanish sun. She wrote: "It's been such a weird year. It's started with me being poorly for almost two months. We lost my beloved uncle Mike. My family member who I love so so much has and is going through some other health conditions that I won't discuss right now. My dad has had surgery.... 2024 has not been kind to us."

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She continued: "This trip has been wonderful, it's been reflective and it's been what we both needed. I appreciate I'm lucky to be able to travel, I also realise it triggers anger in some that we can get away. Thank you to you who stick around on here and who are supportive to the max."

However as she prepared to fly home on Sunday, June 9, she was furious to discover her flight had been cancelled, the Mirror reports. Filling fans in on her Instagram page as she relaxed on a sun bed, she said: "It was all going so well until British Airways cancelled our flight. I've been on the chatbot for two hours plus... absolute s*** show. Well done B.A., well done once again for ruining another day. Another f****** flight." The Mirror has contacted British Airways for comment.