Lisa Vanderpump thinks Andy Cohen is innocent and doesn't care who Kyle Richards is 'munching'

lisa vanderpump on andy cohen and kyle richards
lisa vanderpump on andy cohen and kyle richards

Bravo never shies away from a good scandal, and even their fearless frontrunner, Andy Cohen, is subject to some controversy.

For those unaware, Cohen has recently come under fire after former Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney filed a lawsuit alleging cocaine use. This allegation came on the curtails of former Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Brandi Glanville filing a lawsuit that accused Cohen of sexual harassment. These allegations have reportedly left Cohen in rumored talks to leave the network.

Well, Cohen isn’t standing completely on his own amidst the accusations, and fan-favorite Bravolebrity Lisa Vanderpump has some thoughts on what’s going on.

The Vanderpump Rules and former RHOBH star appeared on The Talk recently and discussed the allegations. When co-host Natalie Morales inquired where her relationship with Cohen stood amidst the chaos, Vanderpump admitted that the two still have and always had a close relationship over the years.

Lisa Vanderpump Wants Andy Cohen To Stay On Bravo | The Talk

Lisa Vanderpump Wants Andy Cohen To Stay On Bravo | The Talk

“Andy and I have always had a very playful relationship,” she said. “I think I’ve been one of the few people that have done Watch What Happens Live on their own for many years, and had a kind of very connected relationship, and he’s playful. He’s appropriately naughty, like I am, too. I mean, that’s what Bravo is most of the time.”

Adding that Cohen is “a gay man that we have a lot of fun with,” she reinforced, “Damn right, I’m on his side,” and shaded the allegations by stating they “seem to come from people that are no longer working for Bravo.”


Outside of Cohen, Vanderpump was also recently asked by Parade magazine about her thoughts on the rumored relationship between fellow RHOBH star Kyle Richards and country singer Morgan Wade. The DailyMail recently reported that Richards wouldn’t be able to return to the show unless she addressed the rumored relationship, but Vanderpump doesn’t see the need.

When asked if she had thoughts on the matter, she said, “No. Why do we have to know about her relationship? I don’t want to know who’s munching on anything.”

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One thing is for sure: Vanderpump is a sharpshooter who’s fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and she is a great person to have in your corner when things start to go awry.