List of DWP and HMRC benefits including Universal Credit that will be paid early in August

Benefit claimants are being made aware of some changes to payments in August 2024
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Benefit claimants are being reminded that their payments will arrive in their bank account on a different date in August.

The Bank Holiday next month is likely to disrupt payment dates and people are being urged to check when their money will be paid. Due to the Bank Holiday on Monday, August 26, thousands of people may receive their money a few days earlier than usual.

This is because the cash is dispatched on the first available working day before the long weekend off, reports the Mirror. For August, this will be the 23rd.

So anyone expecting benefit payments on August 24, August 25 or August 26 is likely to get their benefits on the 23rd instead. The Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC have confirmed that the following benefits will be affected:

  • Child benefit (paid by HMRC)

  • Tax credits (paid by HMRC)

  • Income Support

  • State pension

  • Universal Credit

  • Jobseekers Allowance

  • Pension Credit

  • Personal Independence Payment

  • Attendance Allowance

  • Carer's Allowance

  • Disability Living Allowance

This won't affect how much a person will receive from their benefit, unless an unrelated change of circumstances has impacted their entitlement. Benefit recipients who receive their payment early are being urged to be more cautious with their budgeting.

This is due to the slightly longer gap between their August and September payments, meaning they will need to make their money last an extra two or three days. After August, the next bank holidays that will disrupt benefit payments are December 25 and December 26. Payments due on these dates are reportedly set to be received on Tuesday, December 24 instead.