Are these 'Élite' actors dating? New photo causes speculation and we're THIRSTY!

are omar ayuso and itzan escamilla dating?
are omar ayuso and itzan escamilla dating?

Okay, brace yourselves, Élite fans, because there’s a chance that one of its main stars, Omar Ayuso, is dating former costar Itzan Escamilla and we're kind of freaking out at the possibility.

If you need a second to catch your breath before we go any further, take it, because we needed it, too.

Another thing to note before we proceed is that, although Ayuso is out and proud, Escamilla has never publicly stated what his sexuality is, and it’s really not good to assume.

That said, Escamillia is also at the root of the rumor after he posted a photo over the weekend of he and Ayuso holding hands and captioned, “Mi chicooooooooooooo,” which translates to “my boy.”

Subsequently, friend and stylist Javier González posted a follow-up pic of the two from a different angle that shows their fingers interlocked and Escamilla with the same type of goofy smile on his face that we would have if it were our hands locked with his.

One can dream.

The story photo also adds a little fuel since it's captioned "pilladas," a feminine form of the word "pillado" that means "caught."

Ayuso and Escamilla are most known for their time as Omar Shanaa and Samuel Garcia on the Netflix drama, with Ayuso staying on from the show’s start in 2018 all the way to its finish, whereas Escamilla exited the show after five seasons.

However, much of the speculation could also rival life mimicking art. In the show, despite how close Sam and Omar are, the two never officially dated. Despite the surfaced picture and subsequent story from González, fans are still convinced the actors are nothing more than friends.

“I don’t think this is what you all think it is [cry laugh emoji],” wrote one fan, while another said, “It causes conflict to me to see how people are relating them as a couple just because they are holding hands. Understand that friendship can also exist between people of any sexual orientation without it implying a romantic relationship.”

This also isn’t the first time any speculation has risen around the two potentially dating, especially after a TikTok video last year showed Escamilla laying in bed and playing with Ayuso’s feet.

Quiero una amistad como la de Itzan y Omar 🤣🤭❤️ #itzanescamilla #omarayuso

Regardless of whatever is or isn’t happening between the two, we’re just happy to see their friendship transcend outside of the show because we love to see them together, however that may look.

Keep an eye out for the eighth and final season of Élite, which has finished filming but has yet to receive an official release date.