‘He literally shaped the 1970s and 80s’: Beyoncé and Duran Duran pay tribute to Thierry Mugler

‘He literally shaped the 1970s and 80s’: Beyoncé and Duran Duran pay tribute to Thierry Mugler

Beyoncé and Duran Duran are among the entertainment stars to pay tribute to designer Thierry Mugler, who died on Sunday (23 January) aged 73.

Mugler, who passed away due to “natural causes” according to his agent, was a frequent collaborator with the “Formation” singer and was responsible for some of her most recognisable stage outfits.

The front page of her official website,, currently displays a black-and-white picture of Mugler with the message: “Rest in peace”.

Elsewhere, Nick Rhodes, the founder and sole original member of Duran Duran, praised the French creator as someone who “literally shaped the 1970s and 80s with his spectacular sharp designs” in an Instagram caption.

Posted to the app early on Monday, the caption continues: “I saw several of his shows in Paris and they were all truly sublime, few designers ever came close to his attention to detail or futuristic vision.”

Later on, Rhodes revealed how Mugler’s choices of runway model had an influence on his own work, as an image of someone he was introduced to through a catwalk show eventually graced the cover of his additional band, Arcadia.

“I first saw Violeta [Sanchez] in a Mugler show and she subsequently featured in an illustration on the front cover of the Arcadia album So Red the Rose created by Tony Viramontes,” he recalled.

Since news of Mugler’s death was announced, several prominent figures in the fashion and entertainment industries have made heartfelt dedications to him.

Diane Kruger looked back on being cast in one of his shows as a teen, during her stint as a fashion model before turning to acting: “I remember being so star-struck meeting Thierry Mugler.

“What he saw in a skinny 16-year-old and let her walk his catwalk with all the amazonian Supermodels remains a mystery to me, but it was the experience of a lifetime.

“He was an incredible force of imagination, he dared women to wear their sexual powers like a weapon. Rest in power.”

Christy Turlington also praised Mugler with a post showing herself in one of his pieces on a runway:

“You were always doing your thing. Unapologetic. Your shows were like no other and gave many of us an opportunity to play a small part in your vision of the world. I hope you find peace with your angels.”

Fellow designer Marc Jacobs paid tribute with a post of his own, showing a model at BONDS Disco in 1980; an experience he deemed “life-changing”.

“Never had I seen or experienced anything like it. The Glamour! The Fashion! The Women!” he wrote.

“The extraordinary execution of an out of this world dream by fashions most incredible showman. Thank you for sharing your wildest fantasies.”

Other figures that have paid tribute via Thierry Mugler’s Instagram page include Kylie Minogue, who wrote the following under the announcement of his death: “Deepest condolences (heart emoji) A true visionary. Thank you for your art Manfred.”