Bichon v Bison? Little Dogs Bark at Yellowstone Bison From Safety of RV

A pair of feisty dogs barked at a Yellowstone National Park bison from the safety of their RV, with a passerby capturing footage of the hilarious mini standoff.

Oregon native Sarah Alvarez and her husband Raul were traveling through Yellowstone when they captured the footage in August 2021.

Her footage shows a bison making its way past two cars that have stopped on the road, before an RV approaches with two small white dogs inside.

The pair of pooches jump around the dashboard and bark at the giant Yellowstone resident from behind the safety of their RV’s windshield.

Speaking to Storyful, Alvarez said, “The bison was walking along a very busy road. Traffic was crawling in both directions to avoid hitting him. After a few moments, an RV approached from the opposite lane.”

She continued, “I looked up from recording to see two bichons barking at the bison. I can only imagine what would have happened if they were outside of the RV.” Credit: Sarah Alvarez via Storyful

Video transcript