Little Girl Makes Up Lullaby to Serenade Baby Goat

One of the newest residents at a goat farm in Cumberland, Maine, was serenaded with a personal lullaby by a young girl visiting her grandparents.

The footage was captured by Hope Hall of Sunflower Farm Creamery and shared to YouTube on July 24.

Hall wrote, “Our granddaughter Max is always so excited to come meet the new goats when they’re born. The first thing she does is set them in her lap and make up a song just for them.”

She added, “Something about this one gave me hope for the world.”

An estimated “60 playful little goats” are born on the farm each spring, Hall said.

Her YouTube channel features a wealth of videos showing the daily life and adventures of the farm’s inhabitants. Credit: Hope Hall via Storyful

Video transcript

- Give you any home. [INAUDIBLE]. My name's Max. Humans aren't kind. They're so unkind kind to baby goats. [INAUDIBLE] fine. They keep you.

They keep you. They hug you. They love you. You were just born. You were so adorable. [INAUDIBLE] your face. It's so cute, and your mouth and nose, they're so [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, aren't they so, so young, younger than the other baby goats.

- Yeah, they're the youngest ones here right now.

- You're so cute. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. Well, you'll be fine. A fly.

- Yuck.


She's looking at you. She likes your song.

- He looks kind of sleepy of my song.