Little Girl's Flailing Attempts to Get Out of Mud Entertain Onlookers

A little girl who was done waiting for grown-ups to help a friend whose truck was stuck in mud found herself lodged in a quagmire, too, video from Navasota, Texas, shows.

Katiria Rivera recorded the funny video from her vehicle after she watched the impatient girl leave her own family’s car after she grew tired of waiting for adults to extricate the vehicle.

Rivera told Storyful that she and her husband went out to help a man who had gotten stuck after a storm hit the region.

The girl was told to stay in the car, she said, but decided to “go down there for some odd reason” when the adults took longer than expected.

“I had a feeling this would be hilarious,” Rivera said. Credit: Katiria Rivera via Storyful

Video transcript



- Oh, my god. This poor little girl.

Oh, oh, oh, my goodness.


Oh, my god.