Little Mermaid's Javier Bardem teases Triton's cut song

The Little Mermaid fans can expect to hear three brand-new songs when Disney's live-action remake hits cinemas this weekend — but there were originally four.

Javier Bardem's character King Triton was meant to have a solo song of his own. Despite filming and recording it, the song was eventually cut from the movie.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about the musical number, which is called 'Impossible Child', Bardem revealed: "It's a little song from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda and it’s a beautiful song. It’s kind of rock and roll style."

javier bardem, the little mermaid

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Discussing the decision to cut the song, he continued: "It’s true that it would have given away a little bit of the emotional journey that has to happen at the end of the story if the song was placed in the moment in the movie where it was supposed to be placed."

As disappointing as this may be to fans, Bardem added that 'Impossible Child' will be on the extras when the film comes out on Disney+.

The new songs aren't the only difference in this retelling of the classic tale. In this version, King Triton and Ursula are actually siblings.

javier bardem, may 2023
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Sharing his thoughts on this change, Bardem told us: "I think it’s a family with some problems for sure, but I think it makes sense and it helped us to create this bond about love and hate and contradiction because it’s your own fishy blood.

"But at the same time it’s someone who you have to oppose, because it’s bringing you to the side that you don’t want to be part of."

melissa mccarthy, the little mermaid

Melissa McCarthy, who plays Ursula, also weighed in and said that it was an "incredible" addition to the film.

"I thought, at least for Ursula, instead of just being good versus evil, it’s now you have your family that has shunned you, the people who should love you most have pushed you away and isolated you," she added.

The Little Mermaid live-action movie opens on May 26 in the UK and the US. The animated movie is streaming on Disney+.

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