Live at Botanic Gardens What you can and cannot bring into the 2024 gigs

-Credit: (Image: Justin Kernoghan/ Belfast Live)
-Credit: (Image: Justin Kernoghan/ Belfast Live)

Festival season is in full flow across Belfast and things are heating up with Live at the Botanic Gardens.

The festival series offers huge names in music in the picturesque setting of the historical South Belfast park - including Belfast's own Van Morrison and The Classical.

Live at Botanic Gardens kicks off on May 24 and closes on June 2 with Christy Moore.

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If you are attending any of the concerts, here are some of the items you should avoid bringing with you:

What items are banned from Live at Botanic Gardens?

People relaxing in the sun at Botanic Gardens.
People relaxing in the sun at Botanic Gardens. -Credit:Justin Kernoghan/Belfast Live
  • Umbrellas are not permitted in the Venue. In the event of adverse weather conditions, we would advise bringing a rain mac or disposable raincoat.

  • Cameras in excess of 35mm Lens and video recorders will not be admitted. Laser pointers are strictly prohibited.

  • Flag poles or sticks for banners are not allowed. Only small banners of other (A4 or A3 size) will be permitted into the event as anything larger can obstruct the views of other customers.

  • Prohibited articles and items include the following - any article that may be used as a weapon, Professional cameras and recording devices (this applies to cameras that have detachable lenses). Bottles, glass vessels, cans, flasks, Frisbees, and similar items, dangerous or hazardous, illegal substances, scooters, skateboards, or other skates. Prams/push chairs, large suitcases/rucksacks, laptops, hampers, and cold boxes, air horns, alcohol, drinks, food and animals (except service dogs and guide dogs)

  • No type of seating will be allowed inside the venue as these are prohibited items because they pose a health and safety risk - please refrain from bringing any fold-up seating, inflatables or any form of temporary seating as you will not be allowed enter the venue with them.

Will there be food and drink at Live at Botanic Gardens?

  • There will be a wide range of foods and beverages available to buy. Proof of age may be required if you wish to purchase alcohol.

  • Drinking water fountains will be available at various points throughout the venue.

  • Official merchandise may be available in outlets located inside the venue. Please refrain from purchasing any unofficial merchandise outside the venue.

Cards and cash can be used at bars but some concessions may only accept cash. There will be no ATMs inside the park. Once a patron has exited the venue, re-entry is not possible.

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