'I live in a council house but give my 11-year-old daughter £500 a month pocket money'

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A Yorkshire mum has shared how she gives her 11-year-old daughter £500 each month as pocket money and even provides her with a bank card.

Whitney Ainscough, 30, from Rotherham, revealed on TikTok that people deem her "absolutely mad" for transferring £500 onto her eldest daughter Cora's bank card monthly. She added that her daughter likes to use the money to buy acrylic nails or designer shoes.

The mother-of-three, who lives in a council house, has gained popularity on the social media platform for her upfront and honest videos. Last year, Ainscough uncovered that she splurged over £10,000 on Christmas presents for her children.

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"I personally don't see the problem," she says in an April 24 TikTok post. "If I can afford to do that, then why not?"

She oversees whatever Cora buys and makes sure her daughter does not purchase anything inappropriate. She mentioned she had never experienced anything similar during her own childhood, but decided to spend money on her children since her financial condition was strong, reports the Mirror.

Whitney added when her other children - Addison, five, and Adley, two - are older, she plans to provide them with bank cards and similar amounts of cash. She believes this will help her children learn the value of money and grasp the concept of financial responsibility.

Her remarks sparked a debate on the social media platform, with many arguing that the sum was excessive for her children. TikTok user Boo suggested: "Put it away for a deposit for her house."

Icam140 chimed in: "Jesus my 14 year old gets £60 a month! We live a very fortunate life but that seems very excessive. What's her incentive to go get a job at 16?"

Meanwhile, Katei said: "I'd personally put it in a savings so interest gets added and there will be a huge chunk for her when she turns 18 or 21."

According to NatWest Rooster Money - a family pocket money app - the average 11 year old receives £5.75 each week. By the age of 16, this average rises to £12.75.

Ainscough was receiving Universal Credit until just a few months ago. However, the mum regularly attracts tens of thousands of views on her TikTok account @itsmebadmom.

Her pinned video "come make my child lunch with me" has alone had more than 10.9 million views. She now earns thousands of pounds a month from her videos.

Whitney revealed to Fabulous that she made £17,000 in February despite living in a council house. She also clarified that she stopped receiving benefits in August and is not committing fraud.

"I'm not fleecing the taxpayer, something I have been accused of by followers on TikTok," she said. "I am not committing benefit fraud.

"I was legally entitled to Universal Credit and I've paid into the system for many years. And after on one occasion making more than £2,000 in a week through my TikTok videos, I've now come off benefits and make an average of £800 a week."

The Examiner has sought a comment from Whitney.

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