Watch: View from eastern Dutch town of Ede after several people taken hostage

Watch from the eastern Dutch town of Ede on Saturday 30 March, where people were being held hostage and police evacuated homes.

Several people who were held have since been released as the situation remains ongoing.

Heavily armed police have cordoned off part of the Dutch town after evacuating 150 homes near a central square in the area saying there was a person present “who could be a danger to themself or others”.

Reports suggested that a man armed with weapons and explosives stormed a local bar.

Police and firefighters remain on the streets of Ede, a rural market town 53 miles south east of Amsterdam.

It was unclear how many people were still being held after three employees were seen by reporters fleeing the area with their hands above their heads.

Police have said there is no indication of a terrorist motive.

A reporter for broadcaster NOS said a remote-controlled robot was at the scene as well as anti-explosives units and police in protective gear.