'Liverpool has always been there': The Responder star on her Scouse family and accent admission

MyAnna Buring plays Kate Carson in The Responder
MyAnna Buring plays Kate Carson in The Responder -Credit:Dancing Ledge, Luke Varley

MyAnna Buring has explained why filming The Responder in Liverpool was extra special.

The star is renowned for her role as Chris Carson's estranged wife, Kate, in the hit BBC show. The 44-year-old hails from Sweden and grew up in the Middle East - but explained she lived on the same road as a family from Liverpool who looked after her like one of their own.

She told the ECHO: "Three of my best buddies were sisters from Liverpool. I basically lived at their house because it was down the road from me. I'd always rock up, invite myself over and not leave.

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"Because they are so much part of the fabric of my life, Liverpool has always been there because my family come from there." MyAnna said her Liverpool friend was in stitches the first time she tried out the Scouse accent in preparation for taking on the role of Kate.

She said: "I met up with one of the sisters in the pub, I'm speaking in a Scouse accent and she just starts crying with laughter. I went 'is it because it's bad, or because it's me?' And she went 'both'."

However, MyAnna worked extensively with her vocal coach to perfect the accent for the show and shared her secret to mastering how Liverpudlians sound. She said: "I do a breakdown of sounds and I listen to it.

"I usually choose a few examples of where I want to base it and pitch it and I listen to those people's voices over and over and stay in it." She added: "That's how I do it, break it down and keep doing it, but I love [the Scouse accent]. It's one of the most interesting accents."

The first season of The Responder was filmed during the pandemic and MyAnna hailed the drivers who had to put up with her as she worked through the phrases during long journeys to the set. She added: "With the first season, it was Covid, so what I would do is drive 4/5 hours up to Liverpool so our poor drivers would pick me up in London and I'd be like 'Hiya'.

"I would do the Scouse accent all the way up and I would not stop talking. And then by the time we got to Liverpool, it would sort of click a little bit and it would be OK. But a big shout out to our drivers because they went through the pain."

The TV star, also known for her roles in The Witcher and Ripper Street, enjoyed filming the second season much more as she was able to enjoy life in Liverpool without lockdown restrictions. She said: "It's gorgeously friendly across the board and is also devastatingly beautiful.

"It's sprawling. You have everything from the beach, to rolling countryside, to incredible buildings that remind you of the history of Liverpool as this international port.

"Liverpool has had an enormous stamp across the world and the world has had an enormous stamp on it. It's a very special place."

The Responder season two continues on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm. All five episodes of season two are now available to watch on iPlayer.

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