Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher right about Everton amid latest penalty for Premier League club

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher. -Credit:Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

This week, another Premier League club was issued with a points deduction. Everton and Nottingham Forest have already had them for FFP/PSR-related reasons and Sheffield United has now been given one by the EFL (to be applied next year when it is almost certainly relegated).

Whether you agree with the principle of the rules or not, all clubs have been aware of their existence. The only unfairness in the situation is that there was not a specified number of points that a team loses per $Xm that it overspends. The only issue with the process is how the punishment is decided rather than there being a penalty for breaking the rules.

More clubs could find themselves in trouble in the future. Chelsea has spent lavishly and Manchester City is under investigation for its 115 charges. The outcome in that case is still likely to be some way off. The Reds, meanwhile, who have been run in a sustainable manner, have no such concerns. If anything, FSG has been too risk-averse at times.

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Amid the chaos largely involving teams at the bottom end of the table for now, though not necessarily forever — Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has had his say on Everton's position. He makes an excellent point that has largely been overlooked.

"I know the points deductions have caused uproar — I get all that, and I can see both sides. But for me most of that falls on Everton and the way they have been run these last few years," Carragher told the ECHO.

"I do think what is going on off the pitch, in terms of the ownership, is actually bigger and more important and needs more focus on it than the Premier League, the rules, and the points deductions because that is about this season... new owners... it is about the next five or 10 years. I think that is a bigger worry right now and should be getting more scrutiny." says: Sheffield United is just the latest club to confirm sanctions. While Everton and Nottingham Forest might feel they have been targeted as Manchester City has potentially produced a lot more breaches without punishment so far, all clubs who do wrong will be chased. Until the Etihad side's final verdict arrives, we won't know exactly how to view all the others.

Liverpool can watch on and hope that the right punishments are applied to make FFP/PSR work. Without the regulations in place, clubs — not least Everton would be in far worse situations economically. Those who don't follow the rules should be sanctioned.