Liverpool's top 10 secondary schools for pupil progress

Liverpool schools have been ranked in terms of pupil progress
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A new report has ranked secondary schools in Liverpool based on how students progress.

Government data shows how local authorities in England perform based on what is called a school attainment 8 score at GCSE level. This data has been collated by organisations Non-Stop Kids and Online Marketing Surgery to create a new School Attainment Report.

The report can be used to rank individual schools in Liverpool based on their average progress 8 score. This score is a way of measuring the progress that pupils make from the end of key stage 2 to the end of key stage 4.

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The key findings of the report show that the average attainment 8 rate score for Liverpool was 40.7 last year across 198,402 Key Stage 4 pupils.

The Blue Coat School in Wavertree and Archbishop Blanch Church of England High School both registered the highest progress 8 score in the city, with 0.97 above the average of 0.

Below is the top 10 schools in Liverpool with the highest progress 8 score average

1. The Blue Coat School (KS4 students - 182. Progress 8 Score 0.97)

2. Archbishop Blanch CofE High School (KS4 students 149. Progress 8 Score 0.97)

3. Liverpool College (KS4 students 144. Progress 8 score 0.32)

4. King David High School (KS4 students 111. Progress 8 score 0.24)

5. Holly Lodge Girls' School (KS4 students 151. Progress 8 score 0.14)

6. The Belvedere Academy (KS4 students 130. Progress 8 score 0.11)

7. St Hilda's Church of England High School (KS4 students 171. Progress 8 score 0.05)

8. St Margaret's Church of England Academy (KS4 students 159. Progress 8 score -0.09)

9. Calderstones School (KS4 students 258. Progress 8 score -0.1)

10. Bellerive FCJ Catholic College (KS4 students 154. Progress 8 score -0.17).

In terms of methodology, those behind the School Attainment Report said they used government data to look at all Liverpool schools to find their progress 8 score for Key Stage 4 pupils in 2023. From this they looked to see if the schools were below or above the 0 school average.

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