Living rent association being formed in Toryglen to give power to locals

Toryglen locals are being promised power -Credit:Clyde Gateway
Toryglen locals are being promised power -Credit:Clyde Gateway

A living rent association is set to be formed in Toryglen.

From 6pm until 8pm on Thursday, June 20, at the Geoff Shaw Community Centre on Kerrylamont Avenue, the first meeting will be held of the Toryglen Living Rent Association as it launches in the area.

Living Rent is an organisation that is not affiliated with any political party that builds power to fight for better rights and better protections against rent increases, evictions, lack of public services, high energy bills, pollution and poor-quality housing.

Posters have been placed around the town notifying residents of the formation.

They read: “Toryglen residents have been getting organised to build power in Toryglen, and now it is time to make it official.

“Fed up with clogged street drains, uncleaned gutters, or dog poos all around? Come and have your say on what your first campaign will be and elect a committee to lead the branch.”

Food and drink will be provided at the meeting and children are welcome to attend with their parents or guardians.

For more information, contact Glenna at

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