Liz Cheney spars with Mark Levin on social media after he called her ‘sleazy’

Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) went back and forth with Fox News’s Mark Levin this weekend after he called her “sleazy” amid allegations that she poorly ran the GOP side of the House Jan. 6 committee.

An article in The Federalist accused Cheney of suppressing “exonerating evidence” against former President Trump, citing previously unseen committee transcripts. The conservative outlet specifically cited Kash Patel, a national security official who has repeatedly called out the committee’s findings, but is not generally considered a reliable source.

Levin reposted the piece Saturday.

“Sleazy Liz Cheney needs to receive some of the Stalinist medicine she introduced into the body politick against scores of patriotic Americans,” he wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “That is, she needs to be compelled to testify under oath about, among other things, what knowledge she may have about: possible witness tampering, censorship of exculpatory information and testimony, the destruction of committee evidence and data, etc. This is very, very important.”

Cheney was having none of it, shooting right back at Levin.

“Hi Mark: I see you’re still spreading BS,” she wrote. “You & the bozo who wrote this might want to actually read the 1/6 report (eg, Appendix 2, 741-2, 127-8, 587-92), SecDef Miller’s transcript (Trump never ordered 10k troops), Judge Wallace’s finding (Kash Patel is “not a credible witness”).”

Levin responded again, mistakenly believing Cheney’s “bozo” comment was directed at him instead of The Federalist’s staffer.

“I wrote it, moron. You’re a pathetic disgrace and demagogue,” he said Sunday. “And have exposed yourself for all time. Funny how you avoid public debates with your detractors, including me. Coward. You should consider professional help.”

Again coming back at Levin, Cheney passive-aggressively corrected his misunderstanding.

“Good morning, Mark – I was actually referring to the bozo who wrote the article you are peddling,” she wrote. “If I had been referring to you, I would have used the term “angry bozo.” Have a nice Sunday.”

Cheney has been a top target of conservatives since leading the GOP side of the Jan. 6 committee, voting to impeach former President Trump and leaving Congress.

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