Liz Truss: Who is her husband Hugh O'Leary and do they have children?

New Prime Minister Liz Truss and her husband Hugh O'Leary wave outside 10 Downing Street, London, after meeting Queen Elizabeth II and accepting her invitation to become Prime Minister and form a new government. Picture date: Tuesday September 6, 2022. (Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images)
Liz Truss and husband Hugh O'Leary. (Getty)

Liz Truss is Britain's new prime minister and, when she enters No 10, her previously private family will likely be thrust into the spotlight.

Truss was announced as PM on Monday lunchtime, having secured 57% of the vote against Rishi Sunak's 43%.

Both candidates offered eye-catching policies to woo Tory voters, even as the cost-of-living crisis and soaring energy bills continued to overshadow the contest.

But Truss's tax-cutting message kept her popular with Tory members, while many viewed Sunak's decision to quit Johnson's government – effectively leading to its downfall – negatively.

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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are fighting to the next PM. (PA)
Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are fighting to the next PM. (PA)

Although most top members in the British government are able to keep their family life out of the media spotlight, for the office of prime minister it is often unavoidable.

Who is Liz Truss' husband?

Hugh O'Leary is an accountant and married Truss in 2000.

The couple met at the Conservative Party conference in 1997 when Truss was also working as an accountant.

The couple stayed together after it emerged Truss had had an affair with former Tory MP Mark Field between 2004 and 2005.

Truss and O'Leary have never commented on the affair after the story was broken by the Daily Mail in 2006.

In a 2019 interview with You magazine when asked about the affair Truss responded: “I am really happily married.”

In the same interview, she recalled their awkward first date saying: "I invited him ice skating and he sprained his ankle."

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She has also posted on social media pictures of her and O'Leary describing him as the love of her life.

The pair split their time between London and their home in Thetford, Norfolk, which is in Truss's constituency.

Does Liz Truss have children?

Truss and O'Leary have two daughters, Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13.

Truss has sought to keep them away from the spotlight and she hasn't revealed where they go to school.

A birthday cake for Lizz Truss's daughter Frances. (Instagram)
A birthday cake for Liz Truss's daughter Frances. (Instagram)

Speaking early in the leadership campaign she told The Telegraph Frances was working on her social media team.

She said Frances had "done a computing GCSE so she's helping out on that. And my younger daughter was there as well, giving general political advice."

Who were her parents and the rest of her family?

Truss is the eldest of four, with three younger brothers.

She has said they are very supportive of her career and have helped her when she needed it but not much else is known about them.

A birthday cake for Lizz Truss's daughter Liberty. (Instagram)
A birthday cake for Liz Truss's daughter Liberty. (Instagram)

Her parents are John and Priscilla, they raised Truss in Oxford, then Scotland and finally Leeds, where she attended secondary school.

Her father is an emeritus professor of maths at the University of Leeds.

Her mother was a nurse and teacher.

Liz with her mother Priscilla Truss on the campaign trail. (Getty)
Liz Truss with her mother Priscilla on the campaign trail. (Getty)

Both her parents were very politically active with Truss describing them as "to the left of Labour".

When she stood for election to parliament as a Conservative, her mother agreed to campaign with her while her father refused.

You reported that Truss had a very political upbringing with her mother taking her to Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament marches when she was young.

She also said her father was a member of the Green Party.

She told You: "My parents are well-meaning people [but] looking back now I think they had the wrong idea."

Her parents divorced when Truss was 28.