Lizzo Assists Fan With Marriage Proposal at Glasgow Gig

Lizzo’s Glasgow concert took an epic turn for a couple on March 8, when the singer FaceTimed a fan’s boyfriend and helped him with his marriage proposal.

The precious moment was recorded by Scott McLachlan. In the video, Lizzo picks up the phone and starts talking to someone she calls “the chillest person in the world” after the man calmly expresses his amazement.

Lizzo then tells the man, who gives his name as Ryan, that his boyfriend Grant “has a question he wants to ask you.”

“Ryan,” Grant is heard saying, “for the purposes that Lizzo is in front of us, will you marry me?”

Lizzo congratulated the couple after Ryan, who was “too stunned to speak,” she said, repeatedly nodded yes, as seen in the footage.

She had paused the concert after noticing Grant’s brother’s message to her, which read, “Ask my brother’s boyfriend to marry him.” Credit: Scott McLachlan via Storyful

Video transcript

LIZZO: OK. We got a special phone call, here. Let me see your phone. You know.

- Yeah! Yeah!


- Film it. Film it.

LIZZO: Are you enjoying the show?

- It's amazing.

- (CHUCKLING) It's amazing.

LIZZO: This is the chillest person in the world. In front of thousands of people, you're like, it's amazing. [LAUGH] He was just--


OK. What's your name? What's your name?

- Ryan.

LIZZO: Oh, this is better. Why was I holding it there? That was so, like, millennial of me. Ryan?

- Ryan, yeah.

LIZZO: With an R?

- What?

LIZZO: Ryan with--


Ryan with an R, right?

- He's not making his case well!

- Yeah.

LIZZO: What's your name?

- My name's Grant. Grant.

LIZZO: Hey, Ryan, Grant has a question they want to ask you.


- Ryan, for the purposes that Lizzo is in front of us, will you marry me?


LIZZO: What do you say?


Can we get a vocal confirmation? Let me get a [MUTED] yeah! The man was too stunned to speak. Congratulations. Congratulations.