Lizzo fans think her VMAs remark was a response to fat-shaming by comedian Aries Spears

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Lizzo’s fans think she used the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards stage to respond to Aries Spears, after the comedian fat-shamed her during an interview.

Spears made several fatphobic comments about the Grammy Award-winner in a conversation with the “Art of Dialogue” YouTube channel, a snippit of which was shared on Twitter on Saturday (27 August).

When asked about his thoughts on Lizzo’s music, Spears said the singer had a “very pretty face” before launching into a tirade of degrading remarks about the singer’s looks.

While Lizzo hasn’t addressed Spears fatphobic remarks directly, social media users are speculating that part of her acceptance speech at the VMAs on Sunday night (28 August) were aimed at the comic.

Accepting the Video for Good Award for “About Damn Time”, the 34-year-old singer called out “the b*tches that got something to say about me in the press”.

Noting that she has frequently been told to “clap back” at her haters, Lizzo added she didn’t need to respond at all.

“Because b*itch, I’m winning h*e,” she announced, while holding up her trophy.

“This b*itch is winning, h*e,” Lizzo then yelled out.

Fans praised Lizzo’s “flawless speech” on social media, after the ceremony.

One person wrote: “Shut them insecure haters down.”

“I love that Lizzo addressed it, but didn’t say any names,” another commented under a video of her acceptance speech.

Lizzo’s statement came after she performed the first two official singles from her 2022 album, Special.

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