‘I’ll wring your neck’: Grandmother reprimanded by police after shouting at gate vandals

A woman sits at her garden table, with her arms folded, and her new garden gate can be seen in the background
Gillian Mears and her husband say they are living in fear that the teenagers will return - The Lowestoft Journal/SWNS

A grandmother was reprimanded by police after telling a group of vandals she would “wring their necks”.

Gillian Mears, 70, said she “just saw red” before chasing the teenagers away after they damaged the back gate of her house in Kessingland, Suffolk.

However, when police visited her home after she made a complaint about the damage she was warned about making threats.

Mrs Mears said the incident had made her “despair for the next generation”.

Mrs Mears, who has four grandchildren, said: “I just saw red and lost the plot in a fit of rage and took to chasing the gang of youths down the street.

“Our neighbours came out of their houses to try and help me catch them, which was really nice.

“I called the police and only when I told them that if I got my hands on them I would wring their necks did they rock up.

“When they arrived they told me off for making that threat, which was not a threat it was me just venting my anger.”

Mrs Mears and her husband, John, had to pay to have their gate repaired after the April 20 attack, only for the vandals to return a few days later.

When they came back, John, who is disabled, went to confront the gang but fell over. Mrs Mears said she had to pick her husband up off the ground and called the police.

The couple paid £520 for their gate to be repaired twice.

Now they are “living in fear” that the group will return again, they said.

Mrs Mears added: “Those evil kids just laughing at me and my husband makes me feel sick and full of despair with the next generation, I have no hope, their parents should be ashamed.”

A Suffolk Police spokesman said: “The investigation is ongoing into the criminal damage and anti-social behaviour by a group of youths on April 20.”