Good riddance, Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Lloyd Russell-Moyle

So farewell, Lloyd Russell-Moyle. No longer will the corridors of power echo with your squeaking indignation. No more will the ancient Commons be treated to your histrionic stage-kid socialism. It’s new pastures for you now.

Yes, Mr Russell-Moyle has been given the heave-ho by Labour. The MP for Brighton Kemptown is the latest leftie nut to be swept out by Keir Starmer’s new broom. What will become of public life in the absence of his ear-melting orations remains to be seen. We shall persevere.

Russell-Moyle was suspended from the party following a complaint about his behaviour. It relates to something he did eight years ago, apparently. He says the complaint is “vexatious and politically motivated” and “designed to disrupt the election”. Shorter version: “I’m being oppressed!”

Already, the very online Left is treating him as a radical martyr, as if he were Rosa Luxemburg in a Next suit. To these Fisher-Price Marxists, Starmer is Stalin 2.0 wielding a metaphorical ice-axe against the great radical thinkers of our time. Like, erm, Diane Abbott.

Russell-Moyle made a statement to Novara Media shortly after learning about his suspension. Well, how else to reach the self-righteous middle class? So bereft are Novara types and other millennial leftists that they’ve even paused their frothing commentary on Israel’s “genocide” to mourn the purging of Russell-Moyle and the others.

The whole thing is too ridiculous for words. It is historically illiteracy on stilts to talk up an internal party spring-clean as some kind of McCarthyite war on the Left.

Then there’s the hypocrisy. Russell-Moyle and his shrill allies are damning Starmer for his autocratic meddling in party democracy. Yet these people were more than happy to trounce actual democracy with their ceaseless efforts to void the vote for Brexit.

Russell-Moyle was very much on the Remoaner wing of the party. He once chaired a meeting of MPs titled “Love Socialism, Hate Brexit”. He agitated for a second referendum. Let’s never forget what that would have entailed: the scrapping of 17.4 million ballots for Brexit; a forced re-run of the whole thing.

Imagine the brass neck it must require to bleat about your own democratic rights when you yourself spent years being cavalier about everyone else’s. Maybe democracy is only for good, woke people like Lloyd, not us lot in the gammony masses.

It is tempting to view Russell-Moyle as a comical figure. I, for one, have never watched one of his speeches without laughing.

Who can forget his General Election acceptance speech in 2019 when, in full puffed-up, finger-jabbing mode, he said of the Tories: “We will fight them in the Parliament, we will fight them in the courts, we will fight them in the workplaces….” He sounded like a whoopee-cushion Winston Churchill.

Then there was the time when, in a fit of pique over Brexit (of course), he grabbed the ceremonial mace in the Commons and tried to make off with it.

The mace is the symbol of the monarch’s authority. Without it the Commons can pass no laws. It was a bourgeois temper tantrum disguised as a parliamentary protest, a self-regarding stunt masquerading as principle. Apparently even his mum told him off.

Labour was once a party of real men. Some even worked down the mines and in other hard graft before going into politics. Now it has double-barrelled donuts like Lloyd Russell-Moyle whose hands have never done anything more toiling than tweet received opinion.

Yet behind his Mr Bean demeanour, Russell-Moyle also embodies many of the nastier elements of the new Left.

He is living proof of just how unkind the #BeKind Left can be. His every utterance drips with the holier-than-thou self-righteousness of a left that is more concerned with bigging up its own virtue than levelling up the working class.

Remember his rage with Conservative MP Miriam Cates last year? All she did was raise concerns about the impact that gender self-ID laws will have on women’s safety. And Russell-Moyle exploded. He branded her “transphobic”. Believing in women’s rights is bigotry now, apparently.

Then he crossed the floor of the Commons and stared menacingly at Ms Cates. It was the most sanctimonious of glares. In his wide, judging eyes, we saw woke intolerance in all its vainglory. I hope his mum told him off for this, too.

The moral rot of the modern Left was best captured in the antics of Russell-Moyle’s then head of policy, Carly-May Kavanagh, in late 2022.

At a pro-trans protest, Ms Kavanagh called a father and his baby fascists. You’re “raising a little fascist”, she said to dad. This is the depth to which the Left has sunk.

So I won’t shed any tears over Russell-Moyle’s suspension. If it saves us from his moaning about Brexit, his barking at women who question the trans ideology and his thin pontificating about evil Tories, I’m all in. Laters, Lloyd.