Local elections 2024: List of candidates competing for a seat on Gloucester City Council

Gloucester voters head to the polls on Thursday (May 2) to elect their representatives on the City Council. All of the authority’s seats are up for grabs as the Conservatives defend their record at the helm of North Warehouse.

Gloucester City Council has 39 councillors representing 18 wards. Each ward is represented with one, two or up to three members.

Going into the elections, the political make-up of the council is 21 Conservatives, 14 Liberal Democrats, two Labour councillors and a couple of Community Independents.

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Each of the main parties have set out below the reasons they believe people should vote for them on May 2.

Community Independents

Community Independents believe that diversity of thought and representation is essential for a healthy council
Community Independents believe that diversity of thought and representation is essential for a healthy council -Credit:Community Independents

Our group of independent candidates are led by two current independent city councillors. We are committed to representing the interests and priorities of our community. As independent voices on the council, we have witnessed the challenges and limitations of the current political landscape, which prioritises party politics over the needs of local residents.

We believe in the power of grassroots democracy and are dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. We believe that diversity of thought and representation is essential for a healthy democracy.

We refuse to be silenced or marginalised simply because we do not conform to traditional party structures or ideologies. We have gained support from down-to-earth individuals who are passionate about their communities and committed to making a difference at the local level as well as reducing bureaucracy.

We pledge to prioritise community engagement, collaboration, and evidence-based policymaking to ensure that the voices of residents are heard and respected.

Conservative Party

We’re proud of progress we’ve made for Gloucester since 2021: building the most homes on record, improving local parks, and pushing forward regeneration.

We’ve done all that while keeping city council tax at only 61p a day for the average band D property and saving our leisure centres when the private operator suddenly closed.

With your support over the next four years we’ll: build 2,000 new homes in the right places, invest more in leisure centres, launch green communities with a project in every part of the city, increase community funds to £1,000 per councillor and keep council tax low.

Some will talk down what we’ve done but far from being the "vanishing council" we’re ready to continue progress for you. The alternative is risking a return to other parties reckless 10 per cent council tax increases and getting into debt.

On May 2 back our plan and let’s keep improving Gloucester.

Green Party

The Gloucester Green Party is an up-and-coming local party with the sole aim of helping the community. We're especially active in Coney Hill, and mean to grow to cover the entire city with meaningful activism. This is nothing unusual for the Green Party – we've seen community-led growth in Stroud, then in Cheltenham, and now Gloucester is on the rise in much the same way.

To vote Green this May is to vote for someone who cares about your community, to empower them so they can use that influence for your benefit. Not only this, but growth will raise our profile and give rise to further growth, which will not only benefit your local area but those across Gloucester in the long run.

That's why you should vote for your Green candidate on May 2.

Labour Party

Labour says they have spoken to thousands of people across Gloucester who say they are ready for change at the City Council
Gloucester Conservatives say they are proud of progress we’ve made for the city since 2021 which has seen the most homes built on record, improved local parks, and a push forward towards regeneration.

We’ve spoken to thousands of people across Gloucester and one thing is clear: people are ready for change. Labour is the only party that has a plan to make this happen: Immediately tackle the cost-of-living crisis- with a plan in place within 100 days.

Build truly affordable homes. 30 per cent affordable housing on every development and first dibs for local first-time buyers. Make our streets cleaner and safer- more police patrols and tough new powers to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and flytipping.

Turn Gloucester into a greener city and reduce energy bills by insulating older homes and supporting investment in the next generation of green jobs.

Bring our city centre back to life- tackle anti-social behaviour, create an empty shops taskforce and scrap business rates. Working alongside an incoming Labour government, a Labour-led city council would be transformative for our city. To build a better Gloucester, vote Labour on May 2.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats say they are the only ones who can realistically form an alternative administration to the Conservatives at Gloucester City Council
The Green Party says they have seen community-led growth in Stroud, then in Cheltenham, and now Gloucester is on the rise in much the same way.

Liberal Democrats have a plan to put the heart back into Gloucester. At these elections only the Liberal Democrats can realistically form an alternative administration.

The Conservative administration is exhausted and leaderless. Several senior Conservative councillors are standing down and others are doing the same.

They know they have run out of ideas and public support.In recent years, the Tories have presided over the Marketing Gloucester scandal, the cyber attack and the collapse of the Aspire Trust.

They could not even keep the swimming pools open. The Barton Pool was closed for 44 days under their watch. The Conservatives have failed to publish the last two year’s audited statement of accounts.

No one knows the true financial health of the council. This is unacceptable. Our streets, parks and open spaces are unloved and scruffy. Council services have been cut to the bone that even simple jobs take too long to do or do not get done at all.

Gloucester City Council election candidates by ward


Bromby, Fiona - Liberal Democrats

Finnegan, Colette Jane - Liberal Democrats

Grant, Tom - Independent

Gravells, Andrew - Conservative Party

Hewish, Amie Sioux - Labour Party

Masters, Anita Margaret - Labour Party

Walker, Louise Ann - Conservative Party


Brewster-Lowry, Robbie - Labour Party

Brooker, Laura - Conservative Party

Emraz, Jade - Liberal Democrat

Gatier, Adam Philip - Liberal Democrat

Hyland, Kate - Conservative Party

Moakes, Stuart Alan - Labour Party


Bowkett, Ashley James - Liberal Democrat

Cullum, David Hughes - Labour Party

Maguire, Liz - Conservative Party

Pearsall, Suzanne - Conservative Party

Pier, Jake David - Labour Party

Ramsey, Fred - Independent

Ramsey, Jane Caroline - Independent

Taylor, Joshua Luke - Liberal Democrat

Barton and Tredworth

Ahmed, Akhlaque - Socialist Labour Party

Baker, Benjamin - Independent

Bhaimia, Usman Gani - Liberal Democrat

Clifford, Emma - Green Party

Collet, James - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Courtney, Daniel - Liberal Democrat

Fadra, Mohiyouddin - Conservative Party

Litu, Shamsuz - Conservative Party

Marshall, Roseanna Louise - Labour Party

Oliver, Angela - Liberal Democrat

Patel, Sajid - Conservative Party

Phypers, Matt - Green Party

Platt, Alan - Independent

Powell, Susan - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Sikder, Saiham - Socialist Labour Party

Woolf, Daniel Joseph - Independent

Coney Hill

Davis, Byron Clifford - Independent

Gayler, David - Liberal Democrat

Islam, Toriqul - Socialist Labour Party

Millard, Tracy Sharon - Labour and Co-operative Party

Prive, Mika - Conservative Party

Shearing, Adam - Independent


Griffiths, Fran - Green Party

Kubaszczyk, Ella - Conservative Party

Locke, Simon Derek - Conservative Party

Norledge, Vicky - Liberal Democrat

Radley, Anne Marie Clare - Liberal Democrat


Bell, Andrew - Independent

Cozens, Simon Phillip - Labour Party

Davis, Gary John - Labour Party

Evans, Sylvia - Conservative Party

Minchin, Karen - Liberal Democrat

Moffat, Kira - Liberal Democrat

Watkins, Jennie - Conservative Party


Darke, Shirley - Conservative Party

Hawkins, Jen - Conservative party

Walsh, Niamh Elizabeth - Labour party

Whitworth, Anne - Labour Party

Wiederhold, Alwin Ferenc - Liberal Democrat

Wilson, Declan Michael Hilary - Liberal Democrat

Kingsholm and Wotton

Bennett, Aaron Stephen - Labour Party

Clarke, Karen Judith - Labour Party

Conder, Angela Margaret - Liberal Democrat

Hall, Duncan - Conservative Party

Hilton, Jeremy Eric - Liberal Democrat

Sheehy, Peter Louis - Conservative Party


Barwood, George Gordon Fairbrother - Liberal Democrat

Field, Vicki - Liberal Democrat

Harvey, Jinny - Green Party

James, Karen Louise - Labour and Co-operative Party

Jones, John - Labour and Co-operative Party

Kubaszczyk, Jaro - Conservative Party

White, Gill - Independent

Williams, Travey Ann - Conservative Party


Arava, Suresh - Conservative Party

Base, Jeremy Robert - Conservative Party

Castle, Linda Sudan - Liberal Democrat

Farrow, Ed - Green Party

Sawyer, Sarah Dawn - Liberal Democrat

Shervey, Luke Samuel - Liberal Democrat

Stroud, Paul - Green Party

Williams, Kathy - Conservative Party

Matson, Robinswood and White City

Ahmed, Kazol - Socialist Labour Party

Beamish, Ross Owen - Labour Party

Chambers, Alastair - Independent

Cole, Jen - Labour Party

Fardeen, Aswadul Islam - Socialist Labour party

Graham, Adrian - Independent

Maynard, Sam Leo - Labour Party

O’Donnell, Brendon Sean - Independent

Price, Richard Kenneth - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Russell, Barbara - Green Party

Tibbles, Mary Kathleen - Conservative Party

Williams, Denzil - Conservative Party

Williams, John Frank - Conservative Party


Ackroyd, Lyn - Conservative Party

Caiden, Paul - Liberal Democrat

Cargill, James - Liberal Democrat

Chambers-Dubus, Tree - Labour and Co-operative Party

De Medici, Harry Edward - Independent

Hiiemae, Simon Alexander - Independent

Langrock-Bircher, Eva - Green Party

Moreland, Robert John - Conservative Party

Pullen, Terry - Labour and Co-operative Party

Simms, valerie - Labour and Co-operative Party

Wilson, Abigail Ciara - Liberal Democrat


Blatchly-Lewis, Nicky - Labour Party

Devaney, Sarah - Conservative Party

Field, Sebastian Richard - Liberal Democrat

Powell, Lee - Independent

Quedgeley Fieldcourt

Adaarewa, Michael - Labour Party

Bebbington, David William - Liberal Democrat

Chambers, Stephanie - Conservative Party

Houlihan, Timothy James - Liberal Democrat

Low-Gameiro, Jane Marion - Labour Party

Metaly, Foujia Sultana - Socialist Labour Party

Miller, Victoria Janes - Conservative Party

Quedgeley Severn Vale

Boyd, Dino - Independent

Cook, Hayley Louise - Independent

Gordon, George Alexander - Labour Party

Gregory, Alison Louise - Labour Party

Harries, Liam John - Liberal Democrat

Howard, Trevor Duncan - Liberal Democrat

Lewis, Andy - Conservative Party

Mantle, Jack - Green Party

Mozol, Anna - Independent

Ranford, Vicky - Conservative Party

Rowney, Mark - Green Party


Barron, Lysander Coriolanus Theodore - Labour Party

Campbell, Lorraine Joan - Conservative Party

Courtney, Caroline Catherine - Liberal Democrat

Dee, Paula Lorraine - Conservative Party

Groves, Lewis James - Labour Party

Hanley, Joshua - Liberal Democrat

Mahoney, Bert - Independent


Critchley, Paul Roger - Conservative Party

Flower, Rich - Labour Party

Hudson, Justin - Conservative Party

Hyman, Howard - Liberal Democrat

Kareem, Ola - Liberal Democrat

Kingston, Robert David - Labour Party

Oldham, Deborah - Green Party

Purchase, David Richard (Mr Toasty) - Independent

Thangella, Jag - Labour Party

Tracey, Pam - Conservative Party

Trimnell, Rebecca Jane - Liberal Democrat