Local Residents Join Cleanup Efforts in Kharkiv

Residents of Kharkiv, Ukraine, cleaned rubble from the streets of the city’s eastern Obriy neighborhood on April 1, working to clear damage caused by fighting in the area.

Moscow’s forces have been unable to capture Kharkiv, and instead have spent over a month launching indiscriminate attacks in the country’s second-largest city, reducing many structures to rubble.

According to the United Nations, at least 1,276 civilians have been killed since Russia launched military operations across Ukraine on February 24, though officials believe the true toll is much higher. Human Rights Watch reported this week that Russian forces had deployed antipersonnel mines in the Kharkiv region, weapons banned under the 1997 international Mine Ban Treaty. While Ukraine is a signatory, Russia is not.

This video, released by Suspilne Kharkiv, the regional outlet of Ukraine’s public broadcaster, shows local workers and residents cleaning up in the Obriy neighborhood on Friday. Credit: Suspilne Kharkiv via Storyful

Video transcript

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