Local TV Station Catches Donald Trump In A Lie About 'Never Coming Back'

A Minnesota TV station brought the receipts to counter yet another lie from Donald Trump.

In a segment that aired last week that is now going viral on social media, KSTP’s Tom Hauser reminded the former president of when he vowed in 2020 to “never to come back to Minnesota” if he lost the state to President Joe Biden in that year’s election.

“Is this a signal that you think you have a realistic chance to win the state of Minnesota in 2024?” Hauser then asked the presumptive GOP nominee, who appeared at the state GOP’s Lincoln Day fundraiser on Friday.

Trump replied, “Well, I never said I’d never come back. I never even thought of that.”

Trump then said he thinks he won the state in 2020 “easily.” He didn’t and actually lost by more than 7 percentage points.

The station cut to footage of Trump telling supporters at a rally in Duluth back in September 2020: “If I lose Minnesota, I’m never coming back, I don’t care. I’m never coming back.”

Hauser, though, noted that Trump at the time “appeared to be joking.”