Locals fume as nuisance bikers 'destroy' part of Nuneaton beauty spot

Nuisance riders have 'destroyed' parts of Whittleford Park, locals have said
-Credit: (Image: Warwickshire County Council)

Parts of a Nuneaton beauty spot have been 'destroyed' by nuisance bikers. Locals reported damage around Whittleford Park.

It includes an area used as a habitat by water voles. One park user said: "In Whittleford Park they have completely destroyed the habitat of the water voles, which are a protected species."

Covering 43 hectares, the park has three lakes, one known as the 'blue lagoon', as well as a pond and marsh area. It was not confirmed where the water vole habitat was located.

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A Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council confirmed that it had received reports about the damage "The council is aware of the issue at Whittleford Park, and this is being investigated," a Town Hall spokesperson said.

Whittleford Park is no stranger to issues with nuisance riders. At the end of last year, police found a torched motorbike at the Haunchwood Road entrance to the park. Back in May Warwickshire Police took to its pages on social media to appeal to people to tell officers if they are having problems with motorbikes and mopeds riding anti-socially in their area.

The force urged anyone who had issues with nuisance riders in their area to visit the county council's website and use the 'dob 'em in' section and fill in the form.

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