Locals say ‘Ghost Rider is real’ as car goes up in flames in Sheffield

Car fire near to Corporation club in Sheffield City Centre
Car fire near to Corporation club in Sheffield City Centre -Credit:Sheffield Online/Facebook

Locals have been left saying "Ghost Rider is real" after images emerged of a dramatic car fire in Sheffield city centre .

The image, shared on Facebook by Sheffield Online shows the front of the car, which appears to be a white BMW, completely ablaze while parked outside student accommodation on Wellington Street, near to Corporation nightclub.

The fire is reported to have happened at around 6.30pm on Wednesday (May 15). In the photo, flames can be seen engulfing the car's bonnet, as well as the passenger side of the vehicle. The flames can also be seen stretching for a distance down the road and alongside the kerb.

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The image prompted a number of “Ghost Rider” and “Back to the Future” jokes from stunned locals who likened the car fire to that of one from the infamous movies. James William Partridge commented: “Ghost rider is real,” and Simon Terrey-Kay added: “Looks like someone's gone back to the future.”

Mark Bruce Seaton wrote: “Is it Marty mcfly?” and Paul Alsop said: “The question is…Was it going 88mph, and what year have they gone back too?”

Meanwhile, others took to the comments to share their concern and speculation about the cause of the dramatic blaze. Sean Lambert wrote: “Looks like an ev charging lead laid in the gutter caught fire, setting the electric car on fire,” and Adrian Robinson said: “Don't ya think callin't fire brigade 'd be a good idea?”

Rob TB speculated: “That may be the petrol trail from it being set on fire.”

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: "Crews from Central station were called to a car fire on Wellington Street at 6:09pm on Wednesday, May 15. They used one hose reel jet to extinguish the fire. They left the scene at 7:15pm.”

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