Locals plead for removal of 'eyesore' rusting caravan dumped near cemetery

Frustrated locals are pleading to get an fly-tipped eyesore caravan removed from outside a city cemetery. Residents claim the rusting heap was dumped on Shenley Fields Road, outside Lodge Hill Cemetery and Crematorium, Selly Oak, around six weeks ago and despite a barrage of complaints, has not been shifted.

Others say a trailer was sent to collect it but they were forced to abandon their efforts after the "bottom gave way." It remains obstructing traffic and "attracting vermin, graffiti and local children".

Community campaigner Paul Smith posted on Facebook: "Why the hell have birmingham city council not moved this dumped caravan from outside lodge hill cemetery??? It's been reported 100s of times!! This is the start of the hard times for this city!!"

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Angie Waters said: "Apparently a trailer was sent to collect it but the bottom gave way?? Andy Matthews wrote: "It's been there a few weeks now. Needs a grab truck."

A local said: "Last Monday, contractors for the council came to try to remove it on a tow truck. They pulled it off the verge onto the road before realising it’s so unstable it’s literally coming apart.

Dumped for weeks on Shenley Fields Road
Dumped for weeks on Shenley Fields Road -Credit:Nick Wilkinson/Birmingham Live

"So they went away, leaving it there." She added: "It’s in the middle of the road, causing an obstruction and attracting vermin, graffiti and local children.

"I’ve tried to contact the council to find out what’s going on but get nowhere with them and just going round in circles as to whose responsibility it is."

Birmingham City Council has been contacted for comment.