Loki season 2 goes to ‘profound and beautiful places’ after episode 4 shock twist (exclusive)

Kevin Wright speaks to Yahoo UK about the shocking way the Disney+ show's fourth episode ends.

Watch: Kevin Wright discusses Loki season 2 episode 4's shock ending

Loki season 2 had a shock in store for fans at the end of its fourth episode, and executive producer Kevin Wright teases to Yahoo UK that the series goes to "profound and beautiful places" after.

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The Disney+ show only has two episodes left, and things took a dramatic turn for Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Mobius (Owen Wilson) and co during the events of the fourth episode — leaving their fate in the balance.

Before we go into all that, though, consider this a major spoiler warning for Loki season 2 episode 4.

Loki season 2 goes to ‘profound and beautiful places’ after episode 4 shock twist

Loki (Disney+)
Loki season 2 episode 4 ends with the timeline collapsing in on itself and the characters watching as it rushes towards them (Disney+)

In Loki the trickster God and members of the TVA have been scrambling to find a way to save all life as we know it after the sacred timeline's collapse and the unleashing of the multiverse.

Hoping to stop the multiverse from completely collapsing, Loki and Mobius travel to the past where they meet Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors) one of the variants of He Who Remains, as his DNA is the only thing that can help them solve the crisis.

In episode 4 they finally convince Timely to help their cause, and he gets into the space suit to walk out towards the collapsing sacred timeline — however things go terribly wrong when he is immediately destroyed by being "spaghettified" by the shockwaves.

Loki (Disney+)
Loki producer Kevin Wright says the show will go to "profound and beautiful places" in its final two episodes (Disney+)

The possibility of this happening was teased earlier in the season by O.B. (Ke Huy Quan), but to see it happen is a shock and also means that Loki et al have run out of time and the closing moments of the episode sees the God of Mischief close his eyes as the timeline rushes towards them with the credits rolling as it is about to destroy them all.

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Wright reflects on this moment with Yahoo UK, sharing what fans can expect to see in the Disney+ series final two episodes.

"We knew in that episode one, if you're setting up that somebody could be 'spaghettified' or lose all their skin, it's kind of like Chekov's 'spaghettification', we were setting it up in one it's going to pay off," Wright says.

Loki (Disney+)
Wright reflected that the show "snaps in the middle of the season and you have nowhere to go but unexplored new territory". (Disney+)

"You think it's going to happen at the back half. By doing it in that at ep 4 — we talked a lot about like story acceleration — you move it forward and it clears out that back half to go to what I think are some really profound and beautiful places for these character.

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"Because that plot mechanism that you think is moving things forward just snaps in the middle of the season and you have nowhere to go but unexplored new territory.

"It's exciting, and I think it just forces some really exciting character development."

Loki fans will just have to wait and see exactly what Wright means when the show continues next week.

Loki season 2 airs on Disney+ every Friday.