London Assembly Member quits after just 3 days in 'sneaky' move

Sian Berry poses for a portrait
Sian Berry has stepped down after being a London Assembly Member since 2016 -Credit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A Green Party London Assembly Member has quit despite only being confirmed in the role three days ago. Sian Berry, who was first elected to the body in 2016 and is a former mayoral candidate, has made way for Zoë Garbett, the Green pick for the city's highest office this year.

But Ms Berry has been criticised for the move, with some pointing out that she is a parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion at the next election.

Councillor Garbett said: “I am excited to join the Assembly and get to work for Londoners. There is so much to do improve the quality of our lives in London, stand up for people on the margins and hold the Mayor to account.”

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Green party Mayor of London election candidate Zoe Garbett (second left) at City Hall
Zoë Garbett (second left) ran for mayor this year -Credit:Jeff Moore/PA Wire

Ms Berry, said: "Zoë has shown how much of a difference she will make in City Hall, listening to Londoners and bringing their voices into the political debate. That’s why she needs to be in this job as soon as possible. She is already brilliant councillor and will be a brilliant Assembly Member for Londoners."

She added on X: "I will miss City Hall and the wonderful staff team there, and especially miss the chance to work alongside @ZoeGarbett in the run up to the general election. She will be a superb Assembly Member and I can’t wait to see the impact she will have!

"My work holding a Labour mayor to account means I am ready to do the same with a new prime minister, and I am looking forward to spending even more time in Brighton, listening to what matters to people here. Greens are geared up and a general election is needed right now!

"Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in Parliament about my work to date getting more council homes bought into the supply in London - and what’s needed to make that a Government priority too. But today I’ll mainly be enjoying the Holly Blue butterflies that have hatched all over my garden!"

Backlash to decision

The post was met with some backlash. Seb Barry said: "Weren't you elected last Thursday?" David Morton commented: "I'm a big fan Sian but standing for reelection, winning then resigning after three days looks really poor."

@Shales_Moor posted: "I'm a Green Party supporter but this stinks. Either you're serious about standing as a councillor or you're not. Your colleague is either standing for mayor or as a councillor - which one?

"The people of London rejected her for mayor. Extremely disappointed - I thought GP better." Pete Crockett said: "Your behaviour in this instance does you no credit."

@PeechSlixx posted: "This seems incredibly calculated, under hand and sneaky. I was a MASSIVE green supporter but now just seems you're sneaky like the rest of them. Ngl so disillusioned right now."

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