London bus 'fight' sees old man 'thrown off' as woman heard in background shouting 'choke him'

people getting on the bus
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A fight on a London bus saw an old man thrown off as a woman is heard in the background imploring the man doing the throwing to 'choke him'

The video has been doing the rounds on social media and sees what we presume is the end of an interaction on the number 62 bus heading to Mark's Gate. The 62 bus goes from Marks Gate in Romford to Gascoigne Estate in Barking.

In the video, one man is seen grabbing and dragging another man who is holding onto the poles with all his might. Another passenger on the bus is heard saying 'Get off the bus' before a woman says 'choke him, give him a choke him' before giggling.

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Eventually, the man is pried away from the poles and dragged off, followed swiftly by his shopping which is thrown out too. The reasons why the man was thrown off the bus are not clear but it seems as though everyone agreed that he should be off.

As one person said on 'X': "You can tell he was in the wrong and needed to be thrown off how the others throw his crap off with him."

Many people see the funny side and are celebrating the woman who shouted choking with one post on 'X' even suggesting that she should get an 'MBE right now'. Another load of people are all asking what the context of the video is with speculation that the man was being rude in some aspect.

The man who threw the other off does say something at the end but it is unclear what he shouts at his fallen opponent.

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