London Mayoral elections: Count Binface to stand and pledges to 'take the trash out'

Count Binface has announced he is running for London Mayor (PA)
Count Binface has announced he is running for London Mayor (PA)

Count Binface will stand the London Mayoral elections, pledging to “take the trash out”.

The self-described “intergalactic warrior” and “extraterrestrial candidate” will join the likes of Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Conservatives’ Susan Hall on the ballot paper in May’s vote.

Binface, an alias created by comedian Jon Harvey, has said he is the "only fresh thing on the menu given all other politicians are rubbish".

Speaking to the BBC, the candidate said he could not share his full manifesto as “another candidate might nick my stuff.”

However, he said previous pledges made during his 2021 Mayoral run would stand, including a price cap on croissants, and the renaming of London Bridge to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

He told the broadcaster: “Despite all the flaws of the British democratic system, isn't it remarkable that there is still this wonderful quirk that if you want to dress up like an idiot and stand next to the prime minister of the day, then you can.

"When democracy is under so much strain, I think this needs celebrating and defending.”

Count Binface has also previously pledged to bring back Ceefax and for “Croydon to get a facelift, ironically.”

Binface previously stood in the Uxbridge and Ruislip by-election, triggered by the resignation of Boris Johnson as an MP, gaining 180 votes.

He contested previous elections under the name Lord Buckethead, but was forced to change his name over a copyright dispute.

The London Mayoral election will be held on May 2.

Polls suggest Sadiq Khan is on-course for a record third victory in the upcoming vote.

However, the Labour incumbent has said he had “been in this business far too long” to believe surveys suggesting a commanding lead over Ms Hall.