London weather: Cold snap likely next month that may bring snow showers with it

A group of children build a snowman in Alexandra Park on December 12, 2022 in London (Getty Images)
A group of children build a snowman in Alexandra Park on December 12, 2022 in London (Getty Images)

London may not have seen the end of winter with forecasters warning of a cold snap with snow possible next month.

According to the forecast site WX Charts there may be snow showers in the capital on March 5 and March 7 - but it is too far away to be certain.

In its predictions for March, the Met Office said: “High pressure is expected to dominate at the start of the period, with any more unsettled weather most likely across the far north and northwest.

“However, low pressure could develop to the south of the UK by the middle of the month, bringing more widespread changeable conditions.

“Temperatures expected to be generally around average to begin, with the risk of colder nights throughout the period.

“There is an increasing chance of some colder than average conditions developing as the month progresses, although confidence remains low.”

Colder temperatures could occur at the end of this month and into March because of a ‘sudden stratospheric warming’, where warming occurs high up in the atmosphere and affects the weather.

In 2018, a sudden stratospheric warming resulted in the Beast from the East - however this type of weather event does not always produce extreme weather changes.

Aidan McGivern, a Met Office forecaster, told The Mirror: “We are seeing a major Sudden Stratospheric Warming taking place above the North Pole and what that means is that the winds in the stratosphere surrounding the North Pole are expected to reverse, instead of going from west to east they are going to go from east to west.

"That can have a drag effect on the jet stream which can slow the jet stream down which can in turn lead to higher pressure at the surface, a blocking area of high pressure, blocking wind and rain from the Atlantic and sometimes leading to colder conditions. That’s why Sudden Stratospheric Warmings increase the chance of cold weather.

"Not immediately, though, although this is taking place right now, there is a lag effect so we are not expecting an impact if any to take place until the first week of March.”