London weather forecast shows 8 hours of thunderstorms after mini-heatwave

tower bridge in london during a stormy night
Gloomy days are forecast from today through to next week -Credit:Getty Images - Andrea Pucci

Forecasters are predicting a big change in the weather after the mini heatwave last weekend when temperatures reached 26°C. According to the BBC, Saturday, May 18, will be marked by 'thundery showers and light winds'.

From 8am until 7pm, London will experience non-stop rain, with thundery showers concentrated between 1pm and 5pm. Next week isn't looking too good either, with rain forecast for Sunday, May 19; Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23.

On the bright side, the rest of the days are shaping up to be sunny and temperatures will be hovering around 20C.

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london commuters with umbrellas on a rainy day in front of the city skyline
It will be drizzling for much of the weekend -Credit:Getty Images

According to the BBC, Saturday, May 18, will see 'a cloudy start on the morning. Early in the afternoon, a few scattered and heavy showers will start to develop, most with the risk of thunder.'

As for the following two days: "Sunday will see partly cloudy skies in the morning, but widely sunny conditions through the afternoon and for the rest of the day. Largely sunny and settled throughout Monday, temperatures will remain slightly above average."

Today (Thursday, May 16) looks like another gloomy day, with a rather cloudy morning. This afternoon, the rain will change to heavy, thundery showers, which will diminish for the most part in the evening.

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