New London weather map shows when 26C Mediterranean blast heatwave will hit

People shelter from the sun in Central London
-Credit: (Image: DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

London is set to experience another mini-heatwave in the next fortnight as a 26C Mediterranean blast sweeps the city. A fresh weather map shows we could see the mercury rise once more after Londoners basked in 30C highs last weekend.

The blast will rise from the southern parts of Europe as France and other nearby countries could experience temperatures of 35C. NetWeather predicts London will be the warmest part of the country on Saturday, July 13, while the home counties are expected to see the mercury climb to 23C or 24C.

Despite these weather maps, the long-range forecast according to the Met Office sees weather alternate quickly between wet and dry conditions. In its forecast for the middle of July, the Met Office says 'cloud and rain-bearing weather systems are likely to move across the UK, accompanied by stronger winds at times in the west, continuing the recent changeable theme'.

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The weather should then hopefully begin to shift towards the highs forecast in mid-July, according to the forecast.

The heat is set to ramp up again on Saturday, July 13
The heat is set to ramp up again on Saturday, July 13 -Credit:NetWeather

The Met Office forecast adds: "There are tentative signs that following the early part of next week conditions may begin to gradually turn a bit more settled, at least for a time.

"This particularly so across eastern parts, with temperatures more widely trending back up to average and then potentially above average as the week progresses."

Met Office predictions this week are not quite as enthusiastic. Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 3) heavy rain is expected throughout the morning - changing to cloudy conditions for the remainder of the day.

Temperatures should then hover around 19C and 20C for the remainder of the week with occasional sunny spells.

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