London weather for the week including heavy rain and thunderstorms

2024 has been pretty rough, in the weather department.

The last few days have provided some much needed sunshine, but overall we've had grey skies and buckets of rain.

Looking to the week ahead (Sunday, May 12 to Saturday, May 18), things are going to get much better. Today (May 12) is set to bring 26C heat and sunny skies, but after that it's downhill.

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Monday (May 13) will be overcast, while Tuesday will see heavy rain clouds sweep in over London.

Big Ben with lightning
Thunderstorms are incoming -Credit:Getty Images

It's pretty consistently wet for the rest of the week, including on Saturday (May 18), which will also see thunderstorms.

Check out the full forecast below:

Sunday, May 12 - 26C, sunny intervals and a gentle breeze

Monday, May 13 - 20C, light cloud and a moderate breeze

Tuesday, May 14 - 17C, heavy rain and a moderate breeze

Wednesday, May 15 - 18C, light cloud and a moderate breeze

Thursday, May 16 - 19C, light rain showers and a gentle breeze

Friday, May 17 - 19C, light rain and light winds

Saturday, May 18 - 19C, thundery showers and a gentle breeze

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