London's West End Lit Up With Ramadan Decorations for First Time

Ramadan lights decorating London’s West End were lit up for the first time in the city’s history on March 21.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, who switched the lights on, said on Twitter, “London is now the first major city in Europe to host a spectacular light display to mark Ramadan. It’s a true symbol of how our capital celebrates our diversity.”

This footage was published by the Aziz Foundation, which sponsored the lights.

Ayshea Desai told the BBC she was inspired to organize the decorations by the Christmas lights which traditionally decorate the city. “I remembered going to visit the Christmas lights with my sister when I was growing up and I also had an opportunity to live in the Middle East and I wanted to bring that joy and magic to London, the city that I’m from,” she said. Credit: Aziz Foundation via Storyful