Long-forgotten BBC children's show to returning after 36 years

A classic BBC show is being brought back after 36 years. Button Moon and Willo the Wisp are heading back to TV screens, decades after they last aired.

However, there is a catch - it's not just on the BBC. The childrens' TV favourites will land on BritBox UK this June to flood the platform with nostalgic classics.

In June the first two series of Willo the Wisp and every episode of Button Moon will be added to the digital subscription service. Willo the Wisp originally aired in 1981 on BBC and was narrated by Kenneth Williams - who also voiced all of the characters in the show.

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Willo was a sprite formed from gas and other characters included Evil Edna a witch shaped like a TV Arthur the opinionated caterpillar and Mavis the fairy. Whilst Disney tried to revive the concept with two further series in 2005, the new treatment with James Dreyfus as narrator failed to take off.

The original Willo The Wisp was repeated later on Channel 4. Button Moon followed the adventures of Mr and Mrs Spoon who travelled across the blanket sky in his baked bean can spaceship.

It was first created to feature within ITV's Rainbow as a short story but producers felt there was enough scope to turn the idea into a standalone series. The first run of 13 episodes began in 1980, with 91 more episodes following until the show was shelved in 1988.

BritBox, a digital video subscription service developed by the BBC and ITV, offers a collection of classic and contemporary British programming for a monthly fee of £5.99.