Long Lost Family star recalls heartbreaking moment she was forced to give up baby

Ros has shared the devastating moment she had to give her baby up for adoption, leading to an emotional reunion 60 years later on Long Lost Family.

Now 76 and residing in Cornwall, Ros was 16 when she fell pregnant in Coventry. Facing the shame of her strict parents, they decided that her baby would be adopted.

To hide her pregnancy, she was sent away to a Mother and Baby home run by the Church of England in London, where she gave birth to her daughter Christine in March 1965.

Recalling the heart-wrenching day she parted with Christine, Ros recounted: "She was just gorgeous. She was fair, sweet faced. It was just the best thing. The best thing ever.

"The Sister came to me and she said you can go and fetch the baby now and bring her down. I went up to the nursery and I picked her up and I told her I loved her and that she'd be taken care of," reports the Mirror.

Ros later married Tony, but they were unable to have more children. Now, after sixty years, she's been given the opportunity to meet her only child again on the popular ITV programme Long Lost Family.

In a poignant episode due to be broadcast on Monday night, show intermediaries found that Christine was adopted by a vicar and his wife in Kent and is now known as Lyndsey.

Lyndsey's family history was a bit of a puzzle, with frequent relocations making it difficult to track her down. It wasn't until they uncovered her marriage records that they were able to find her full name and get in touch.

Upon meeting Lyndsey, Nicky Campbell learns that she had previously attempted to find her birth mother without success. She expresses her astonishment at being Ros' only child.


With great anticipation for the upcoming reunion, Lyndsey reflects: "It's going to be one of the biggest things in my life."

Ros is overcome with emotion when Davina McCall informs her that Long Lost Family has located her daughter. Sharing the incredible news with her husband Tony, he is amazed that she has been found.

The resemblance and connection between them are undeniable upon their meeting. An elated Ros exclaims: "I'm full of joy and happiness! I want to stand on that step and shout to everybody. You know, I have met her, I've met my daughter."

In a touching moment, Ros presents Lyndsey with a bracelet, to which she responds: "It's like my christening bracelet that I lost!"