Long-running roadworks named as Witham's 'second-best attraction' on TripAdvisor

Woodend Bridge at Witham
-Credit: (Image: Google Street View)

A set of roadworks that have been in place since 2015 has appeared on TripAdvisor as the town's 'second-best attraction'. Temporary roadworks have been in place on Woodend Bridge at Witham in 2015 after the structure was damaged.

The bridge runs over the A12 at south Witham and links motorists with the busy A12 heading southbound. National Highways previously told the BBC the roadworks were the longest-running on the 4,500-mile network of roads that it is responsible for.

Residents appear to have now taken their frustrations about the roadworks to TripAdvisor where reviews of the work has resulted in Woodend Bridge rising to second spot on the website's list of 'things to do in Witham'. It has been placed within the category of 'mysterious sites'.

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Jack P said in a review the roadworks provided an "experience of a lifetime". They added: "Nothing beats the thrilling experience of catching the red light at the oldest temporary traffic lights in the country! There’s no better feeling than sitting here for 10 minutes, knowing full well there are no cars coming from the other side. Highly recommend this attraction; you can’t miss it! (Literally)"

KL said it was "Witham's famous treasure" and "the pure joy and euphoria you feel when the light is green is out of this world". Matt J added: "This has become a historical site. I took my family here after hearing from friends and seeing an interesting article on BBC about being home to the oldest set of roadworks in the UK. Currently 8 years.

"There are great views of Witham and the surrounding areas from this bridge. I would definitely recommend a visit to this national treasure and see if you're lucky enough to see the lights change and get stuck at the now famous red light."

National Highways were asked to explain the current situation of the roadworks, why they were taking so long to be completed and whether there was a target date for completion. They had not responded at the time of publication.