The Long Shadow: ITV drama 'ruined' by poor sound as viewers turn to subtitles

Viewers complained they could barely hear the drama's all-star cast.

Toby Jones in The Long Shadow
The Long Shadow viewers made the same complaint. (ITV)

ITV's all-star drama The Long Shadow, following the police search for the Yorkshire Ripper, has launched to viewer complaints that it was "ruined" by poor sound quality.

The series stars Toby Jones, Katherine Kelly and Daniel Mays, with viewers expecting a gripping portrayal of the five-year hunt for Peter Sutcliffe who killed 13 women between 1975 and 1980.

But a disappointed audience complained on Monday that they could barely hear what was being said, with many even having to turn to subtitles to follow the storyline.

The Long Shadow (ITV)
The Long Shadow features a star cast, but viewers couldn't hear them. (ITV)

One disgruntled viewer tweeted: "Dear #ITV when you commissioned #TheLongShadow did everyone involved watch it back? One minute the sound is very low, then it's to loud!! I can't make out what Katherine Kelly is saying, will have to rewatch it again with subtitles #TheLongShadow should have gone to @Specsavers"

Another viewer agreed: "Yeah whisper central, had to rewind and put subtitles on."

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It was a common complaint, as someone else added: "@ITV #TheLongShadow loving it but the sound is poor - background music higher than speaking in a lot of key parts #whatdidhesay ? missed most of it !"

Another viewer wrote: "The Long Shadow - what's with the sound? We can't hear half of what's being said! Sort it out @itv"

Katherine Kelly in The Long Shadow
Katherine Kelly stars in the drama. (ITV)

Someone else commented: "The long shadow - had to turn subtitles on as the sound is dire!"

Viewers said that the drama should have been a great series, but was being ruined by the sound issues.

One person tweeted: "oh the poor poor sound quality on The Long Shadow is really spoiling what looks to be a great series. Please get it sorted."

Someone else wrote: "Some great actors on what is such a heartbreaking story but the sound is awful and ruining it."

The dialogue was so difficult to hear that some viewers even worried whether they were the problem.

One person wrote: "I am glad other people have mentioned the low sound level because I was crying and booking an hearing aid appointment."

Someone else agreed: "I’m 39 & as far as I know not deaf so how come I’ve got my lap top on full blast and I could barely hear Katherine Kelly?"

Daniel Mays in The Long Shadow
The cast also features Daniel Mays. (ITV)

Another viewer added: "Given up. Sound too bad paired 1970’s lack of lighting … have no idea what’s going on."

However, one fan of the show argued that people just needed to tune into the accents more: "I don’t know why people are saying the sound is bad or they’re mumbling because it’s fine on my tv. Maybe I’m just better at understanding Northern accents."